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The Christmas Story Lulluby Sheet Music

The Christmas Story Lulluby

Music: A Traditional Welsh Melody Arranged for Voice and Cello by Hillary Abplanalp and Christy Mann

Lyrics: Hillary Abplanalp

Precious children, come and gather, listen to the words I tell. Long ago a blessed daughter knew on her the Spirit fell. She was sent an angel witness to recite her Father's will.  Then an angel came to Joseph who would keep and love her still.

One day Mary went with Joseph to the city of his birth. There within a simple stable born the Lord of all the Earth. Joseph guarded, angels witnessed to the shepherds in the night. Mary sang and rocked her baby as a star filled heav'n with light.

“Lullaby my precious Jesus. Slumber in your manger bed. Peace be with you. Love surrounds you. Little child rest your head.” Grateful hearts look back in wonder to that scene we know so well. Peace is with us. Love invites us to believe and then re-tell.

Hillary Abplanalp & Christy Mann
The Christmas Story Lulluby

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