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Meet Virginia

My grandmother Virginia Clair Jesse was a musician in the 1930's. She would perform with her sister Hazel Jesse in public and private performances and even on the radio. They sang harmonies and played Hawaiian Steel Lap Guitars. These recordings are from a private performance for their father around the year 1937.  They were salvaged by my mother and given to me.  To this point they have been transferred from LP record to cassette tape to compact disc (CD) and now to mp3's in the cloud. I could never bear to loose them.  I think it's so funny that they are singing about a honeymoon in the Swiss Alps when I married a man who's ancestors are from there and his name actually means "of the Alps."  I uploaded the songs here so my sweet grandmother's posterity could know her a little better.  Her voice reminds me so much of my mother's who I miss so much.  It's so fun to see the musical talent with not only the voices but the instruments being passed down to her great grandchildren.

1. Carolina Moon by Benny Davis and Joe Bruke (guitar chords and lyrics)

2. On the Beach at Waikiki (by Helen Louise and Frank Ferera 1915)

3. Swiss Chalet

4. I Want to be Happy

5. Mexicali Rose by Helen Stone and Jack B. Tenney (guitar chords and lyrics)

Jesse Sisters
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Carolina Moon 1:02 US$0.99
On the Beach at Waikiki 0:33 US$0.99
Swiss Chalet 1:02 US$0.99
I Want to Be Happy 1:21 US$0.99
Mexicali Rose 1:02 US$0.99

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